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Security is not always about having a warm body in a uniform to scare off criminals. This type of attitude towards security can be damaging to the image of your business and potentially chase away customers who view having security as meaning there is a problem. GLP, Inc. understands that this is not what a business wants if they choose to hire security so that is why GLP, Inc. offers more than just premium security, GLP offers premium customer service as well.

Recognizing that people are often intimidated by a uniformed security office especially if the officer is armed, is what prompted GLP, Inc. to create and adopt the GAP program. GAP stands for Guest Acknowledgement Policy, meaning that our officers acknowledge every guest they come into contact with by greeting them with a smile and a friendly gesture that is as simple as ”hello”. Many times this is also accompanied by the officer opening the door for guest at your business or when the officer is making their regular patrols of the property.

By adopting the GAP policy guest no longer view security as scary or intimidating and are often pleased to be greeted by the security officer. By creating a more friendly environment at your business your guest are more likely to return knowing they had a pleasant experience with that visit.

The GAP policy does more than just make guest happy. It allows our officers to know exactly who is in your place of business making it easier to spot potential problems before they happen. It also lets your guest know that security noticed them and any potential persons that may have come to cause a problem will likely leave with out an incident.

Because GLP, Inc. knows good customer service is what keeps guest happy it is why customer service is our top priority.


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